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5 Reasons Your Windscreen Is Cracked and Chipped

A cracked or chipped windscreen has always been a major problem to many car owners around the UK. With damages occurring almost unknowingly, there is no telling when the signs of damage will show.

Regardless of the probable cause, without going through the windscreen repair Leicester or Birmingham has to offer, you might end up with a crack far worse than before. Remember, chipping and cracking may worsen when ignored. Also, remember that driving with a damaged screen may be considered as a motoring offence in the UK.

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Therefore, to avoid having negative points on your licence and a hefty fine, you have to know what might cause such damage to prevent it from happening. Here is a list of the things that you should keep in mind.


Since changes in temperature can cause expansion and contraction, tiny and unobservable cracks may appear along the sides of your windscreen. Moisture can also cause large cracks to expand faster. If the interior temperature of your car registers 20 degrees Celsius and the exterior is about 40 degrees, then the glass will contract, resulting in deterioration. This can happen if you defrost an icy windscreen with hot water after a wintry travel. If you do see small cracks, the specialists in windscreen repairs Birmingham has will help you prevent these cracks from worsening.


You might be wondering why this is included since England does not experience extremely high temperatures. However, when intense heat sweeps across the country, you can expect to see either a fracture or a distortion of the shape of your windscreen. To avoid this, you have to park your vehicle under a shade or place a sun shade inside it to block direct sunlight from damaging your windscreen.


Have you experienced a tiny piece of stone or debris hitting your screen and causing a portion to crack? If you do, then you are not actually alone. As a matter of fact, this is probably the most common reason for someone to seek the windscreen repair Leicester or Birmingham has. To avoid this problem to occur, you have to reduce your speed when driving especially if you are driving behind an overtaking vehicle or even on rocky motorways.


Harsh weather conditions may also cause your windscreen to crack and chip. When thunderstorms blow debris to your windscreen, for example, this may create an abrasive effect which eventually will lead to cracking or chipping. Hail and heavy snowfall may also cause similar effects. To secure your vehicle, make sure that you have a garage or a covered area for it. On a positive note though, you can always get Birmingham windscreen repairs after a heavy downpour.


You might not know this, but your windscreen plays a vital role in the safety system of your vehicle. It provides structural support to the car’s roof particularly in the event of an accident. It also helps with deflecting the airbags on the passenger side. That’s why the windscreen repair Leicester or Birmingham has makes sure that your screen is installed with a strong adhesive that somehow balances the structural pressure. When not done well, this will cause the windscreen to crack. Nonetheless, the quality of material plays a crucial roile in this matter.

If you do see tiny cracks and chips on your windscreen, it is best to have it immediately treated by professionals. Leaving these untended will only worsen the problem. For the best windscreen replacement Birmingham and Leicester have to offer, check out the likes of Nationwide Windscreen Services(