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Grease Trap Cleaning Is Vital to Restaurants in Brisbane

In 2017, Brisbane had a fatberg problem the size of the Titanic. The accumulated cooking oil and fat have hardened into a 250m-long, 130-tonne fatberg and clogged the sewer system. A problem that would have been avoided with a grease trap in place and regular grease trap cleaning Brisbane disposal and environment services offer.

The size of the fatberg might not be as big as the ill-fated ship but add in the cost of removal and what the state has is a bill that leaves a sinking feeling.

According to a report in news.com.au, the fatberg took nine weeks to clear, costing ratepayers thousands of money.

“Fatbergs are a major cause of blockages in our pipes, but they can also cause blockages in household plumbing, potentially costing hundreds of dollars to repair,” Queensland Urban Utilities spokesman Michelle Cull said.

What’s worse than blocked sewers? Stinky smell coming out of them.

So even with a grease trap in place, Brisbane grease trap cleaning is necessary to prevent unpleasant odour.

Homes, food shops, restaurants, and other dining establishments need grease traps and a regularly cleaned one at that. Airports, hospitals, manufacturing facilities, and shopping malls need them too. But there are several reasons why a restaurant needs it more than any other establishments.

Why Restaurants Need Grease Trap Cleaning Brisbane

Health and Safety

Where a grease trap is clogged, pest infestation is not far behind. Clogged grease attracts rodents and insects, with cockroaches particularly jovial about the situation. They feed on food waste, grease, and oils after all.

Imagine how your customers will react when they find even a single cockroach in your restaurant. Worse, imagine how the Food safety standards will react to the lack of sanitation in your dining establishment. This is why grease trap cleaning in Brisbane should be a priority. Click here Riverside Environmental Services

Maximise operational efficiency

When grease has clogged traps and drains, water from the sink and dishwasher will not drain properly. Inadequate drainage will lead to an inefficient kitchen, resulting in a bad day to do business.

If the problem puts the whole kitchen out of order, you’re seeing a business loss on a daily basis until the plugged drain is fixed. Why wait for this to happen?

Preventative maintenance

Prevention is still better than cure when running a commercial kitchen. Clichéd as it may sound but there’s no better way to ensure a fully efficient kitchen than to have preventative measures in place, one of which is grease trap cleaning Brisbane service providers offer.

Riverside Environmental Services Grease Trap Cleaning

The best Brisbane grease trap cleaning provider offers waste management solutions at a reliable and friendly cost.

This is exactly what the Riverside Environmental Services offers. For a competitive price, they will come to your restaurant and use a grease trap pump to clean and remove accumulated grease, oil, and fats.

Schedule their visit as routinely as possible to prevent build-up of excess grease and ensure traps operate effectively. This, in turn, will guarantee that your commercial kitchen will run at full efficiency.

Professional service is highly recommended for proper maintenance of grease traps. So call Riverside Environmental Services today. For more information, visit at http://www.riversideenvironmental.com.au/grease-trap/